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Conference on Climate Change and Studies of the Future
(XXVI Conference on Contemporary Philosophy and Methodology of Science)

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9:45am to 8:30pmWenceslao J. Gonzalez

2022 AAPP Annual Meeting: Call for Abstracts

May 21-22, 2022, New Orleans, LA

Abstraction submission deadline (Nov 15, 2021):

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11/15/2021 Jonathan Tsou

The biennial conference for the Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science.

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9:00am to 6:00pmJohn Wilkins

The PhilInBioMed Institute organizes the

4th Philosophy of Cancer Workshop
Bordeaux, France, December 7th and 8th, 2021 (presentation here)

Cancer is one of the main causes of death globally according to the World Health Organization. The biological complexity and heterogeneity of this disease (or group of diseases) make it very difficult to apprehend, control, and cure. For a long time, cancer has been little studied by philosophers of science. Most of the work in the humanities and the social sciences has focused on the social, anthropological, psychological, and ethical dimensions of cancer. Yet cancer is now becoming increasingly an object of study for philosophers of biology and philosophers of medicine. In particular, the scientific explanation, definition, classification and prediction of cancer as a biological and medical phenomenon face many epistemological challenges. Cancer research raises a host of experimental, theoretical, and conceptual issues that connect with most, if not all, the domains of today’s biology and medicine.

The main goal of this workshop is to provide a forum where philosophers of biology/medicine, scientists, and medical doctors meet to discuss the biological and medical science of cancer.

Maria Blasco (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas, Madrid, Spain)
Andrew Ewald (Johns Hopkins, USA)
Nicholas McGranahan (London, UK)
Anya Plutynski (Washington University, USA, via Zoom)
Eric Solary (Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France)


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9:00am to 6:00pmCorinne Luijten

CALL FOR EXTENDED ABSTRACTS Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable 2022 April 1-2, 2022 University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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12/17/20219:00am to 5:00pmDeborah Tollefsen

Call for papers: Synthese Topical Collection on Transdisciplinary Model and Template Transfer

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1/15/2022 Chia-Hua Lin

A conference looking at the role of non-epistemic values in science through a political lens.

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all dayAndrew Schroeder

Annual meetings of the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable have established a tradition of working conferences that bring together an intellectually diverse and international community of philosophers and social scientists who share an interest in philosophical questions that arise in, and about, the social sciences.

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9:00am to 5:00pmDeborah Tollefsen

The new dates reflect our having to postpone this workshop during the pandemic. Please see event details below and contact person for any questions.

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TBA (London time zone)Jean Miller

2022 AAPP Annual Meeting

May 21-22, 2022, New Orleans, LA

Abstraction submission deadline (Nov 15, 2021):

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 Jonathan Tsou

New Open Access Journal: Philosophy of Medicine
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