CFP: World Congress of Philosophy 2024
11/1/2023 - 2/1/2024
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM MEA
Event Type(s)
Call for Papers (Enter the SUBMISSION DEADLINE as the date above. Submit EVENT separately.)
Event Description
Submit a paper or a proposal for a panel for the 25th World Congress of Philosophy, Rome, Italy, August 2024. Papers: 1,800 words or less
Setting: In-Person
Rome, Italy
• Dates: Aug. 1-8, 2024.
• Not funded: participants are responsible for travel, accommodation, meals and registration (on the model of attendance to APA in the US)
• Registration: 200 to 250 euros (depending on date)
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11/1/2023 - 2/1/2024  

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